The most important thing here is to stress the need to be localized.

For the initial outreach tools, NettResults will be leaning of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and SOTI to localize and utilize existing content:

  • press releases (used as introduction to the media)
  • white papers, educational pieces, case studies (have to be localized)

Then at a local and personal level NettResults will capitalize by using:

  • interviews (based on spokes person availability)
  • inclusion in forward features / editorial opportunities / story hijacking



August – October 2015

Notable dates:

  • Eid al Fitr concludes Wk3 of July
  • GITEX 18 – 22 October 2015
  • Monthly publications close approx. 21st of the month



The three months work will include:

  • Media alert or press release in each month
  • Pitching of pre-produced materials (case studies, white papers research etc)
  • One-to-one meetings /discussion with key media in August/September to identify what content we can offer for Sept/Oct/Nov
  • Pitch-in for expert columns

Upon commencement a project scope will be developed and agreed to with SOTI.

  • Press alerts/releases will be distributed in English and Arabic
  • Most other materials will only be required in English
  • Media targeting will be developed using the latest databases
  • Post project report will cover the work completed and results