PR objectives:

  • Introduce SOTI to media
  • Educate the target of the need for mobile security
  • Become the spokes person around defined talking points

The goals are more specifically:

  • Start quickly (August) to educate the media of SOTI and the products/services offered
  • Gain meaningful coverage that is visible during GITEX (October)
  • Build a sustainable media relationship for longer success (on-going)


Engagement strategy:

What works:

  • Research/reports and predictions on the global and regional markets
  • Driving content around events always bring media interest
  • Localizing content works well and so is the continuous supply of “facts and figures”
  • Experts with regional/local expertise – availability of such speakers/experts is a good advantage as the media often does not get insight in local market.

What does not work:

  • International experts marketing experts – often we do not get buy-in and interest from media
  • The traditional “press interview/briefing” model is not very successful in the UAE, as most of the media wants exclusive content and bringing them together is a big challenge.

We recommend your strongest media relationships be with:

  • UAE trade magazines

Thus, the key influencers for SOTI will be:

  • Editors & contributing writers for trade media in UAE

How is that going to benefit SOTI? They have considerable influence over their peers and community as they wear multiple hats – editor/writer/guests speakers and have huge fan following on their online blogs/pages and social media tools. Often the wider Middle East region media picks up clues and stories from the UAE ‘media leaders’.

We have highlighted which specific media we recommend to target - see the bottom of this page.