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Proposal exclusively

for SOTI




Proposal exclusively

for SOTI


NettResults Introduction for SOTI

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So, here goes... NettResults is a dynamic, nimble and proactive PR agency.

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Prepared for: Roula Vrsic, SOTI

Prepared by: Nick Leighton, NettResults Middle East

Date:   19 July 2015

Executive Overview:

  • Objective: Educate the media and gain SOTI publicity pre GITEX
  • Engagement Strategy: moving from one-to-many to one-to-one
  • Tools: Regionally specific press releases, case studies, white papers, research etc
  • Target: Industry specific media for efficient outreach
  • Scope: Three month focused project (running August – October)
  • Expected results: PR coverage of $300,000 advertorial value plus strategic editorial placements before the end of the year
  • Investment: $7,200 per month (no other hidden costs)



  • Previously exhibited @ GITEX, but little-to-no PR work in the past.
  • In the enterprise mobility space for the past 20 years (origins in consulting)
  • In 2004 entered the enterprise space
  • Good success in retail, logistics, field services
  • Then the beginning of BYOD
  • In the past 4-years the market has developed:
  • Mobile Device Management > Enterprise Mobile Devise Management > Unified End Point Management
  • Now includes all devices beyond mobile (ATM’s, fridges etc)
  • Middle East customers main concern is security
  • Public relations message needs to be localized
  • Strategic relationships are strong – Google, Samsung etc


  • ME market developed over the past 4-years
  • Regional clients include: Almarai, Musafi, ARAMEX, Dubai Police
  • Region divided into: GCC and North Africa
  • Focus on Android (legacy Windows) - iOS exists but is limited


  • Focus on decision maker one-on-one appointments at GITEX
  • Enterprise, government and channel partners (Rami defines as ‘innovators’)

GITEX: 18 – 22 October 2015


NettResults Background: See our site

NettResults understands SOTI target, message and time lines.

NettResults client experience relevant to SOTI:

  • Unified comms: Intermec / Honeywell;
  • Mobile: Palm, Motorola, HTC, Google, Nokia.
  • Security: Palo Alto Networks, F5, Barracuda, Check Point, McAfee, Kaspersky, Network Associates





PR objectives:

  • Introduce SOTI to media
  • Educate the target of the need for mobile security
  • Become the spokes person around defined talking points

The goals are more specifically:

  • Start quickly (August) to educate the media of SOTI and the products/services offered
  • Gain meaningful coverage that is visible during GITEX (October)
  • Build a sustainable media relationship for longer success (on-going)


Engagement strategy:

What works:

  • Research/reports and predictions on the global and regional markets
  • Driving content around events always bring media interest
  • Localizing content works well and so is the continuous supply of “facts and figures”
  • Experts with regional/local expertise – availability of such speakers/experts is a good advantage as the media often does not get insight in local market.

What does not work:

  • International experts marketing experts – often we do not get buy-in and interest from media
  • The traditional “press interview/briefing” model is not very successful in the UAE, as most of the media wants exclusive content and bringing them together is a big challenge.

We recommend your strongest media relationships be with:

  • UAE trade magazines

Thus, the key influencers for SOTI will be:

  • Editors & contributing writers for trade media in UAE

How is that going to benefit SOTI? They have considerable influence over their peers and community as they wear multiple hats – editor/writer/guests speakers and have huge fan following on their online blogs/pages and social media tools. Often the wider Middle East region media picks up clues and stories from the UAE ‘media leaders’.

We have highlighted which specific media we recommend to target - see the bottom of this page.


Tools & Scope

Tools & Scope


The most important thing here is to stress the need to be localized.

For the initial outreach tools, NettResults will be leaning of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and SOTI to localize and utilize existing content:

  • press releases (used as introduction to the media)
  • white papers, educational pieces, case studies (have to be localized)

Then at a local and personal level NettResults will capitalize by using:

  • interviews (based on spokes person availability)
  • inclusion in forward features / editorial opportunities / story hijacking



August – October 2015

Notable dates:

  • Eid al Fitr concludes Wk3 of July
  • GITEX 18 – 22 October 2015
  • Monthly publications close approx. 21st of the month



The three months work will include:

  • Media alert or press release in each month
  • Pitching of pre-produced materials (case studies, white papers research etc)
  • One-to-one meetings /discussion with key media in August/September to identify what content we can offer for Sept/Oct/Nov
  • Pitch-in for expert columns

Upon commencement a project scope will be developed and agreed to with SOTI.

  • Press alerts/releases will be distributed in English and Arabic
  • Most other materials will only be required in English
  • Media targeting will be developed using the latest databases
  • Post project report will cover the work completed and results



Expected Results:

Objectively: PR coverage of $300,000 advertorial value

Subjectively: Strategic editorial placements. While we are targeting October placements, we don’t have control over this, so all we can honestly say is that they will appear before the end of the year.



Professional Fees: $7,200 per month

  • All professional services as detailed above
  • Working in co-operation with your EMEA lead agency Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
  • Media list development via database
  • Translations English to Arabic (up to 12 pages)
  • Media monitoring service for target press
  • Project based on payment upon commencement of work
  • Cost does not include: Translation over and above 12 pages or professional photography if required.

To move forward:

  • Discussion of this proposal. Answering any questions or clarifying any points not 100% clear
  • Signing of Master Service Agreement, which includes confidentiality, and NDA (will be provided)
  • Signing of Scope of Work (will be provided) and first month’s payment
  • Review of SOTI materials already available
  • Sign-off of project plan
  • Agreement of reporting structure
  • Sit back and let NettResults bring you media success.

Other Stuff

Other Stuff

Some of the basics:

NettResults Middle East
Twitter @nettresults

Headquarters: Dubai
Other locations: Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Newport Beach California
Founding Date: November 1999

Contact details:
Nick Leighton, Founder and CEO
Dubai: +971 4 409 6719 
USA: +1 949 478 5880
Skype: NickLeightonNettResults


We believe that most people who are part of this process understand the Middle East region, but if there is anyone that is not familiar, the following video may help:

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Target Media:

Suggested key media to include:

Arabian Computer News (English)

For over two decades, ACN has been providing its readers with the tools they require to leverage their IT investments, improve business processes, enhance customer and partner relationships and, ultimately, boost their bottom lines. In addition to the interview section that features key players in the IT sector in the region, the magazine offers in depth analysis through case studies and features.


Computer News Middle East

For two decades, Computer News Middle East has been the link between the regional IT player and these key target markets. It has driven the messages of local relevance, business benefit and technology into focus for these decision makers.The magazine covers all the important market sectors in depth, combining interviews, best practice case studies, news analysis and market trends through focused sections.


Network Middle East (English)

As the region's leading publication in its field, Network Middle East (NME) is an essential tool for these industry professionals. By accurately tracking, analysing and predicting how technology is changing in the Middle East, NME helps network managers to tie IT functions to larger business goals. Now in its 18th year of publication, the magazine includes regular updates on critical IT developments, delivers detailed insight and expert analysis of the latest trends, provides network managers with in-depth reports on exciting new implementations from across the region, and analyses best practices and new management standards. NME's dedicated Security Focus section explores the issues faced by IT managers as they integrate security components into network infrastructure. NME's new Vendor Profile and Featured Product sections allow the end user to get a better idea of the vendors available, the products they sell and the hardware and software trends in the market.


Communications Middle East & Africa (English)

CommsMEA gives a thorough insight on the latest in telecommunications and highlights the latest moves in the fast paced world of ICT. CommsMEA is dedicated to the interests of its readership in the Arab League states and the African continent. The magazine covers every aspect of communications equipment, products, services and usage in those regions, with a particular emphasis on the provision of cost-effective solutions to problems encountered by users and service providers.


Channel Middle East (English)

Channel Middle East focuses on ICT resellers' businesses and business strategies includes analysis, news reporting on the latest stories in the regional channel market and insightful interviews with industry leaders.


Reseller Middle East

Reseller Middle East has been published by CPI, the region’s leading IT publisher for the last 13 years. While the IT industry has  metamorphosed itself completely over the last decade, the publication continues to play its dominant role of voice of the channel. It has been the ambition of the publication to keep the channel community updated on vendor technology and product developments and vendors updated on the best interests of channel partners over the years.