NettResults Introduction for SOTI

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So, here goes... NettResults is a dynamic, nimble and proactive PR agency.

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Prepared for: Roula Vrsic, SOTI

Prepared by: Nick Leighton, NettResults Middle East

Date:   19 July 2015

Executive Overview:

  • Objective: Educate the media and gain SOTI publicity pre GITEX
  • Engagement Strategy: moving from one-to-many to one-to-one
  • Tools: Regionally specific press releases, case studies, white papers, research etc
  • Target: Industry specific media for efficient outreach
  • Scope: Three month focused project (running August – October)
  • Expected results: PR coverage of $300,000 advertorial value plus strategic editorial placements before the end of the year
  • Investment: $7,200 per month (no other hidden costs)



  • Previously exhibited @ GITEX, but little-to-no PR work in the past.
  • In the enterprise mobility space for the past 20 years (origins in consulting)
  • In 2004 entered the enterprise space
  • Good success in retail, logistics, field services
  • Then the beginning of BYOD
  • In the past 4-years the market has developed:
  • Mobile Device Management > Enterprise Mobile Devise Management > Unified End Point Management
  • Now includes all devices beyond mobile (ATM’s, fridges etc)
  • Middle East customers main concern is security
  • Public relations message needs to be localized
  • Strategic relationships are strong – Google, Samsung etc


  • ME market developed over the past 4-years
  • Regional clients include: Almarai, Musafi, ARAMEX, Dubai Police
  • Region divided into: GCC and North Africa
  • Focus on Android (legacy Windows) - iOS exists but is limited


  • Focus on decision maker one-on-one appointments at GITEX
  • Enterprise, government and channel partners (Rami defines as ‘innovators’)

GITEX: 18 – 22 October 2015


NettResults Background: See our site

NettResults understands SOTI target, message and time lines.

NettResults client experience relevant to SOTI:

  • Unified comms: Intermec / Honeywell;
  • Mobile: Palm, Motorola, HTC, Google, Nokia.
  • Security: Palo Alto Networks, F5, Barracuda, Check Point, McAfee, Kaspersky, Network Associates