Social Media...

You’ve heard the buzz, you have your own personal blog, facebook wall postings and tweets in place, but how to harness the power of SM for business?

- NettResults Social Media
Our theory is that it won’t cost you a penny more to have social media integrated as part of your traditional PR campaign (how refreshing). This is because social media is embedded into what we already offer. We utilise multiple SM tools to connect with the media and make communications effective and efficient. We also offer the same service (should you like to invest some money with us) targeting your customers, and we’d love to tell you more about that.

- NettResults Online News Exchange - ONE!
Wondering how to incorporate online social media with public relations? The first and most effective tool is to have your own company online newsroom.

ONE! is a simple to use system that fully integrates into your existing web site. Developed in today’s Web 2.0 environment, specifically for public relations and marketing professionals, NettResults’ ONE! incorporates RSS and social media links along with the many other features.

ONE! provides a complete social media friendly online newsroom without relying on Web developers or IT departments. Professional communicators have direct control over their newsroom's content and timelines with the ability to post news and content in real time.

- Online PR Control Centre
At NettResults we understand that leading technologies can make our media relations service more effective and efficient. For this reason we researched the market to find a web based system that would be user friendly for both clients and staff, while at the same time provide sophisticated communications, knowledge databases and streamline PR. We looked and looked. We searched again. It didn’t exist. So we hired a U.S. based technology company to build one.

The NettResults PR Control Centre is a web based PR tool that can be used by one agency, a lead agency with sub agencies, or multiple agencies. The system streamlines PR work and can be used in-house or to report into a client. There are a lot of good reasons to be using such a tool, especially if your team is dispersed over multiple geographies. Want to know more?