One of the first questions we are asked when we are setting up a new client is why they should invest in media training? Quite simply, as an agency, there are many PR tools that we can use with the media to reach the desired target audience, and they all have differing ROI, but having a good spokes person is one of the best.


A strong and easily identifiable media personality will:

·      Make the product more easily identifiable

·      Make better and stronger links between you and your target market

·      Increase product prestige through social visibility

·      Create a positive brand imagine through the perception of the audience towards the product or company, from their feelings about you

·      Help segment the market and make way for future product launches and upgrades

·      Comfort the audience and make a purchase feel safe.


In short, people buy from people.


Media personalities are people who can be relied upon to be opinionated and interesting. Journalists will call on the same person again and again, so early ground-work pays off in long term exposure & coverage.


The best personalities are:

·      Authoritative figures

·      With a credible track record

·      With a breadth and depth of knowledge which creates immediate respect

·      Aware of the needs and agenda of the press, and will work with it

·      Always available for quotable comments

·      Able to take a helicopter view of the industry, market and wider issues Risk-takers, unafraid of censure


Frequently quoted media personalities are confident, outspoken, opinionated, and not afraid of questioning the status quo.


Just look around at the good and bad. I hope we don’t have to pull examples at American Politics to make our point– there are also some great examples from the business world.


Who do you think are the best (non-celebrity) corporate spokes people and why?