The most underrated scene in the Wizard of Oz is the hallway leading up to the audience with the great and powerful one.

One of the reasons that Oz is seen as being particularly great and powerful is that it's just so much trouble to get to see him--and that hallway is the perfect metaphor.

I once had a mentor that was one of the original team at Saatchi and Saatchi. He was instrumental in the international expansion of the agency, and he explained to me that their policy was to take a new office and divide it into three equal areas – one third for the grand reception, one third for the over-the-top meeting room and the area left over for all the employees.

By contrast, I bet you’ve been to an office for business, or to see a professional, where the space is shared, there is dust on the ledges, scattered marketing material looks like it was produced in the 70’s and your met by a scruffy un-professional.

I’m sure your work is good.  You may also be going for ‘value’ in your proposition. But if the (metaphorical) hallway is a let down, it's an uphill battle to gain the confidence, trust and enthusiasm of your customers.

That’s where marketing and public relations plays such an important part in your sales process. 

Marketing builds confidence, trust and enthusiasm of your customers.

We once represented a very large, listed Technology Company in the Middle East.  With a focus and reach in seven countries, their head office was located in (the then brand new) Dubai Internet City. They were very well represented at the point of sales, and for many years we did a lot of amazing public relations for them – getting them front-page stories and holding successful, well attended press conferences. 

Total employees in that office? One.

The hallway was right.  The efficiency was right.  The business did very well and was very profitable.

What’s your hallway look like?